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Natural Remedies for Neck and Chest Wrinkles


To preserve your skin and youthful features, your chest and neck need attention, care, and nutrition. The skin on your neck and chest requires nourishment and hydration. If you’d like to look younger than you are use these natural remedies for neck and chest wrinkles.

Causes of neck and chest wrinkles
Signs of aging such as wrinkles also appear in the neck and chest areas. The production of collagen by your body decreases as you age, which affects your skin\’s elasticity.

Wrinkles start to appear when your skin begins sagging due to insufficient amounts of elasticity and collagen. Although neck and chest wrinkles exist in a variety of types, necklines are the most common. As the name suggests, this type of wrinkles actually looks like lines on the neck. Although aging is the primary contributing factor to the development of chest and neck wrinkles, other elements can also cause wrinkles including:

Sleeping positions: Incredibly, the way you sleep affects the quality of your skin. Sleeping on one side exerts too much pressure on your neck and chest skin by forcefully compressing the skin every night. The result is impairment of your skin\’s elasticity. As such, sleeping on your back is highly recommended.

Smoking: Nicotine makes proper blood flow difficult since it constricts blood vessels located in your epidermis. Your skin consequently loses its access to the nutrients necessary for maintaining elasticity and staying healthy.

Insufficient care: Negligence when it comes to chest and neck skin is a common practice, with most people zeroing in and concentrating primarily on their faces. Because of lacking access to the nutrients necessary to remain smooth, firm, and hydrated, the aging process in the neglected areas accelerates.

Sunbeds: Although most people consider sunbeds safe, they can trigger various types of skin disorders.

Intense exposure to the sun: Excessive exposure to harmful UV rays produced by the sun affects the production of collagen and the elasticity of your skin. The aging process of your skin is consequently accelerated, which leads to the development of wrinkles.

Clothing: If the cloth you wear is too tight, it squeezes the skin in that area and causes wrinkles. If the cloth is too big, it might provide insufficient support, which leads to sagging and eventually to wrinkles. This is particularly the case for bras and their support of breasts. According to Wacoal, eight of every ten women in the U.S wear the wrong bra size.

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